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Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Questions

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
Simply click the Forgot Your Password? link on the login screen. You will be prompted for the email address you used when you signed up for an account. Instructions will then be emailed to you on how to reset your password.
How do I check my order status?
Login and select the My Projects link located in the top navigation bar. Select your order from the menu below and your status will appear. You can also check your orders status with the order tracking number that is emailed to you when you place your order.
Do I need to use a specific browser to make my book?
To ensure you have the best user experience we recommend using an up to date browser.  Browsers we support are: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
Can I make a book on my phone?
Yes, you can make a book from your mobile device. For an optimal experience we recommend a screen size that is 1024 pixels or screens larger than 7.9”. You will need to use your device in the landscape mode. If your device is not supported, we’ll let you know!.
I can't get into the book editing tool?
This issue can be caused by one of two issues:

a) You are accessing the tool from an unsupported device, in this case you will receive a message directing you to use a computer to access the tool.

b) Your browser is outdated (a common issue we have seen with Safari) in this case we recommend upgrading your browser to the current version or trying a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Book Design Questions

Can I write my own text if I don't want to use the suggested prompts?
Yes, all the text in our books is editable. Simply click the “WRITE YOUR OWN TEXT” button located at the bottom of the text box to customize your own text. When you click this button it will allow you to remove the suggested prompt and write your own text.
How do I replace the “Enter Your Text Here” prompt?
When you click on this text it will provide you with a text pop-up to write your response. The “Enter Your Text Here” text will be highlighted and once you begin typing it will replace this text. Please ensure you do not click off this text as doing so may result in it not being removed. If this text is not deleted please delete it manually otherwise these words will appear as part of your response. Please ensure to proof-read.
Can I change the book designs, like the colors and icons?
Books designs come as is. We want to keep things simple, fast and easy. Our book templates have been professionally designed by a talented artist so you can focus on the most important part…sharing your love.  That said, all the text in our books is editable.
Can I create my book in another language?
Yes, you can write your book in any language that uses the Latin / Roman alphabet such as: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese etc. We do not at this time support Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Russian or similar alphabets…but we’re working in it. Simply use the “WRITE YOUR OWN TEXT” button to remove the current English prompts to personalize your language. .
I have an idea for a book who do I contact?
We love hearing new ideas! If you have a book you want to make contact us through Email or visit us on social media, and we’ll note it in our think tank topics.
I found a spelling error in my book, will you reprint it?
Many of us would be lost without spellcheck, that’s why we included it in our editing tool. We’ve also provided a real time preview for you to review your work. With that said, mistakes can happen. We strongly recommend proofreading your book thoroughly before proceeding to the order process. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for these types of errors. If you would like to reprint your book, you may do so by going to the my projects page and find your book, edit the error and reorder.
Why does my picture look blurry when I didn’t get a sad face?
We try our best to ensure your end product is perfect! This includes our photo quality feature, which displays a sad face if low-resolution images are loaded which may result in poor print quality. It is possible, however, for high-resolution images to suffer from reduced quality. For example, if the images are over zoomed you may notice rough edges and blurring. Also, if making your book from a smaller mobile device -images may look blurry, but if they do not have a sad face and you have not over zoomed then rest assured they will print fine.
How do I adjust my screen size/view while making my book?
There are two ways to increase/ decrease your screen and font size. You can use our built-in magnifying glass, or use the zoom functionality of your web browser.
Do you provide editing services?
We do not at this time provide editing services. Please ensure before you begin the checkout process to thoroughly proof-read your book including reviewing your image quality to ensure no blurry or pixelated images are used.
Can I use emoji’s in my responses?
At this time most emoji’s are not compatible for print, we do not recommend using them as they can corrupt your print files.

Ordering & Shipping Questions

How long does it take to ship?
Standard shipping is 8-11 business days (this includes production). Please refer to the shipping page for more accurate delivery times based on your shipping method. We will provide you with a tracking number once your book has shipped.
Do I need to pay extra for additional pages?
Nope! We do not charge any additional fees for pages or creative elements. Everything you need to make your Luhvee is included in the price.
Will I pay duty fees for international shipping?
Order shipping rates exclude import duties, taxes, brokerage fees, custom fees and document preparation fees. The recipient of the package will be responsible for paying these additional fees, if applicable.
Do you accept returns?
Due to the personalized nature of your book, we do not accept returns. We want to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied. If you are unhappy with your book in any way please contact customer service.

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